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Dataless822 a posted Jan 15, 15

  • Datacraft Version 3.3.1
  • Compatible Minecraft Version 1.8.1
  • Datacraft textures (64x64)
  • The Datacraft64x Homepage
  • Texture pack stats: In Beta and not fully complete.
  • Donations
A special thanks to Merilix for doing the CTM for this pack*
*CTM not updated at this moment for 1.8

Description / Info
Datacraft is a smooth fantasy addon to Minecraft in which it changes textures through out the list of objects, entities and items. Datacraft textures (64x64) are four times the resolution of the standard Minecraft textures (16x16) this allows me to create a much higher definition texture, it also allows me to be creative. The ability to create rather than modify stumbled upon the idea of a smooth fantasy based pack, something smooth and easy for the eyes which increases game play fun.

Datacraft Trailer



- Use this resource/texture pack in your videos. (Just include a link to my resource pack thread "This thread"
- Remix this pack. (But to be used as personal use only. Keep any all files that you have edited or added to your SELF! Like CTM which is a future plan so do not re-post anywhere.)

- Redistribute my resource pack in its entirety or in parts.
- Accept donations or payment for anything that makes use of my resource pack.
- Use your own download link or an adfly (or similar money earning links)
- Create your own texture pack that includes any of my textures included in Datacraft

Clicking on ANY of the download links for Datacraft you will be agreeing to the terms of use


Datacraft64x v3.3.1 For Minecraft 1.8.1+

Datacraft64x v3.3 For Minecraft 1.8.1+ Old UI - For those who want the new textures, but want the old UI, crafting table, chests etc..

Datacraft64x Change Log

Datacraft64x v3.3.1 for minecraft 1.8.1+

Polished Bed Texture
Added Missing Fireball Texture
Polished Redstone Torch Texture
Polished Clock Texture

Datacraft64x v3.3 for minecraft 1.8.1+

Added taming hearts
Added crit damage texture
Added noteblock note symbol
fixed water droplets under blocks
Added underwater bubbles
Polished tools / weapons which include : 
Wooden axe
Wooden hoe
Wooden pick
Wooden sword
Stone axe
Stone hoe
Stone pick
Stone sword
Iron axe
Iron hoe
Iron pick
Iron sword
Gold axe
Gold hoe
Gold pick
Gold sword
Diamond axe
Diamond hoe
Diamond pick
Diamond sword
Added new armour textures which include : 
Leather leggings
Leather chest
Leather boots
Leather cap
Chainmail leggings
Chainmail chest
Chainmail boots
Chainmail helmet
Iron leggings
Iron chest
Iron boots
Iron helmet
Gold leggings
Gold chest
Gold boots
Gold helmet
Diamond leggings
Diamond chest
Diamond boots
Diamond helmet
Fixed white leg on cauldron 
Fixed mob eye geometry to suit new helmets
Fixed pane glass turning white at distance
Added armour icons such as :
Leather amour
Iron armour
Gold armour
Diamond armour
Added brand new chest textures which include : 
Chest normal
Chest normal double
Chest trap normal
Chest trap double
Added new crafting table texture
Added new bookshelf texture
Added new jukebox texture
Added new noteblock texture
Added new command block texture
Added new torch texture
Added new chest minecart icon
Added new chest UI
Added new crafting table UI
Added new inventory UI
Added new gamemode 0 inventory UI
Added new player item bar UI
Added new XP bar UI
fixed creative inventory UI outfit outlines being offset
Added ghast fireball texture
Added new sapling textures which include : 
Oak sapling
Dark oak sapling
Spruce sapling
Birch sapling 
Jungle sapling
Acacia sapling
Adjusted creative GUI text brightness to gray ( S7 )